Who is 90 Seconds

90 Seconds enables brands to get video shot and produced anywhere in the world, at the click of a button.

The Worlds Cloud Video Production Service

90 Seconds is the worlds Cloud Video Production Service, a video production marketplace and workflow platform enabling brands and agencies to get high quality online video content shot and produced anywhere in the world.

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Our History

90 Seconds was started in 2010 by our CEO and Founder Tim Norton. It was born from Tim's experience developing several software products and and his own personal experience producing content for TV.

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Meet Tim Norton, CEO & Founder

Tim is an serial entrepreneur and passionate global change agent, currently focused as Founder and Leader of 90 Seconds, travelling globally constantly.

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Our Team

The 90 Seconds family is currently 50 strong and growing, based in 8 countries, has 10 different nationalities and speaks over 8 languages.

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